Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed

- Do you often feel lonely or isolated whilst working?
- Do you find yourself working long and unregulated hours?
- Are you often 'too busy' with work to socialise?

Well, why not take part in the Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed?
It's the perfect opportunity to be part of a social activity, without losing out on those precious working hours!

Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed is a new world record classification initiated by artist Ellie Harrison in 2011.

The new classification aims to bring isolated freelance workers like herself together by encouraging them to attempt to break the record for the most self-employed people working together (on their own individual projects) in the same place at the same time, over the course of a normal 9-to-5 day.

The world record currently stands at 70 self-employed people.

This record was set at the Lit & Phil Library in Newcastle on Thursday 3 November 2011 as part of Wunderbar Festival.

This surpassed the previous record of 57 self-employed people set at Toynbee Hall on Monday 13 June 2011 as part of Artsadmin’s Two Degrees Festival.


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Thursday 3 November 2011
Lit & Phil, Newcastle

Photo Credit: Steve @ 4130 Photography

The 70 freelancers who set the current world record at the Lit & Phil on 3 November 2011 are: Alex Adams, Steve Aitchison, Richard Archer, Leyla Asadi, Julie Badlands, Matthew Balaam, Beth Bate, Lizzie Bird, Sarah Blood, Rachel Bollen, Olya Bowers, Oliver Braid, Hal Branson, Jane Brantom, Colette Bryce, Daniel Carey, Lesley Cooperwaite, Beckie Darlington, Julie David, Carrie Dennison, George Edwards, Marek Gabrysch, A J Garrett, Peter Gledhill, Ellie Harrison, Evette Hawkins, Lauren Healey, Tom Higham, Jenny Hodgeson, Anna Holt, Clive Jackson, Matt Jones, Rebecca Knight, Dominic Leawood, Dawn Lehrer, Edwin Li, Sally lockey, Kirsten Luckins, Hannah Marsden, Terri Miles, Ilana Mitchell, Bettina Nissen, Lizzie Nixon, Helen Papaioannou , Susannah Pickering, Sally Pilkington, Arto Polus, Iris Priest, Annie Rigby, Amanda Ritson, Stevie Ronnie, Carl Rosati, James Rutherford, Rajni Shah, Kate Sharkey, Nicola Singh, Paul Smith, Rivka Stafford, Andy Stephenson, Anthony Sterling, Adam Stock, Helena Suarez, Jack Tarling, Will Taylor, Marie Thompson, Emily Till, Joe Timothy, Andrew Waters, Gary Williams and Jake Wilson Craw

Monday 13 June 2011
Toynbee Hall, London

Photo Credit: Toby Smith

The 57 freelancers who came together to set the record at Toynbee Hall on 13 June 2011 were: Rhiannon Armstrong, Philippa Berry, Taragh Bissett, Alison Branagan, Giles Bunch, Ruth Catlow, Julie Caves, Melanie Clifford, Yolanda de los Bueis, Richard DeDomenici, Rachel Denning, Jessica Denning, Jim Dunkley, Hansel Dunlop, Mary Flanagan, Elena Gidoni, Melissa Hardwick, Ellie Harrison, Peter Harrison, Suzy Harvey, Chris Haughton, Hinchee Hung, Jack Hutchinson, Hilary Jennings, Bob Karper, Laura Kerry, Alison Kershaw, Karin Kihlberg, Martha Lawton, Emma Leach, Lottie Leedham, Victoria Jane Long, Hannah Leigh Mackie, Angela McSherry, Dave Miller, Nicola Mills, Leanne Moseley, Lucy Neal, Robert Newman, Katie O'Brian, James Perrin, Andrea Polimeno, Michelle Reader, Ed Rex, Rajni Shah, Nicola Singh, James Smith, Helena Suarez, Lucy Thane, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Mucci Tsai, Jacqueline Vitali, Zoe Waterman, Helena Webb, Rich White, Neil A White and Susannah Worth